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Animes’ News

Naruto: Naruto is one of the best selling manga of all time having sold more than 113 million copies in Japan.

Dragon Ball:In November, Dragon Ball SSSS was launched by Bandai, a project to make new expansions in the Dragon Ball franchise. They have announced an Episode of Bardock anime, to be shown in 2012.

Bleach: Byakuya Kuchiki is a member of the high ranking Kuchiki Noble Family, a Shinigami and captain of the 6th Division of the Gotei 13.

Fairy Tail: Natsu, Lucy and Romeo try to stop Byro Cracy from his intentions of getting their clock piece. They battle with all of their might and more secrets about the Legion Corps' crusade are revealed.

Meanwhile, Kinana has been hearing strange voices and remembering a promise she made with someone a long time ago. Also acting peculiar is the Archbishop of Zentopia, who has been isolating himself in his bedroom with the Cardinal as company.

The four teams that were assigned to find the different clock pieces finally come together again with Lucy's group. The clock pieces begin to glow and piece together to form the Infinity Clock. And just when the situation can't get any more lively, the newly reborn Oración Seis arrives on the scene...

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